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Banana Profiteroles


– During the times of Rabelais (1500) the word “profiterole” was used to describe a small profit, a tip for the household help. It was usually a piece of bread that if cut in small pieces and thrown in the soup consisted a “potage au profiteroles”, now days a soup with croutons.

– In 16th c.Italy, Popellini, the master chef of Catherine of Medici, creates a dough that he dehydrates on the stove and with it forms small pieces, with the help of teaspoons, that once baked, are then filled with jellified fruit. These are called “popelins and later the popular “poupelins”.

– 1800 The great taste architect Marie Antoine Careme (the first celebrity chef!) experiments with this “hot” dough (pate a chaud), fills it with patisserie cream or chantilly and takes it to a whole other level. It’s the pate a choux with which he creates the impressive Croquembouche and other pastry constructions that adorn his famous Parisian pastry shop.

– He was probably the first to dip a ladle in chocolate sauce and pour it over cream filled choux, bringing back the word “profiterole” in the culinary language and creating the first Profiterole au Chocolat!

– Many, many happy years of devouring profiteroles have gone by, filled with either  pastry cream, chantilly or ice cream.

-Athens2013: The Sweet Spot’s “taste maestro” Zoe Vidali composes a Strawberry Profiterole and a Banana Profiterole that combines this delicious dessert with seasonal fruits…..simply irresistible!


YOU CAN TASTE IT in our store:

In Chalandri, A. Papandreou 39, this Saturday 25/5/13

In Kifissia, Kassaveti 4, next Saturday 1/6/13


We’d love to see you there!


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